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Episode 17: The Pivotal Leader – Jim Cavale

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Jim Cavale is an entrepreneur who starts, invests in and leads disruptive brands, with a passion for social impact. When I first met Jim, he was President and partner of Iron Tribe Fitness, a national fitness brand with more than 40 gyms from Seattle to Miami, and in between. He sold his ownership in Iron Tribe and stepped down in September 2016 to work with multiple brands and begin building a new company in the sports world again.

At the time of our interview, Jim continues to serve as Entrepreneur-In-Residence for the Velocity Accelerator Fund, a $3mm accelerator fund that helps startup CEOs in Birmingham, Alabama.

In this episode, we talked about his passion for starting and scaling businesses, customer acquisition and the importance of supporting Gen Y professionals, like him, in making things happen.

Podcast Topics Include:

  • How to be a legacy brand
  • Creating systems to represent a company’s vision for growth
  • Purpose and Mission as boundaries to build a culture
  • “Having a baby and giving it to someone else to raise” – the hurdles of franchising
  • Customer & Employee Acquisition Strategies
  • The importance of “story” in business and how to leverage it
  • Relational Capital vs Transactional Interactions
  • Building success by knowing what’s next and what’s most important
  • What most investors want to know about your company
  • How Gen Y / Millennials will transform businesses
  • Jim’s involvement in helping entrepreneurs launch in Birmingham, Alabama

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