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Episode 45: The Pivotal Leader with Russell Tuchman, CEO, BashPros

“If you are transparent and honest 100% of the time, you are open not just to asking questions but also open to advice and suggestions, [and] people are going to respect you more.” – Russell Tuchman, CEO, BashPros

In this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Russell Tuchman, entrepreneur, world traveler, personal trainer, cinephile, adventure seeker, and Founder & CEO of BashPros.

As co-founder of his first startup, Buddytruk, Russell oversaw various aspects of the company including operations, fundraising, sales, insurance, HR, and business development. He left Buddytruk in order to start up BashPros, after recognizing an opportunity to aggregate the event industry. The goal of the BashPros platform is to make events more accessible, affordable, transparent, and streamlined for the masses and helps people find the perfect event professionals for their needs.

Russell is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara, born and raised in Los Angeles.

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Podcast Topics Include:

  • Helping clients have and create unique experiences
  • Building a double-sided market place
  • Managing Type A personalities
  • Family member leadership role models
  • Setting standards for yourself and others to follow
  • Balancing work and personal in relationships
  • Being a transparent leader
  • Being a no-ego business to do what’s best for the business
  • Leadership advice for startups

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