About You


Enough about us. Let’s talk about you. You’re reading this because your organization needs help and you believe training is the answer.

Whether you own the business or have been chosen to find solutions, we are glad you that you found us. We are here to help even if you don’t know what it is you actually need.

What you do know is that things are just not working the way you (or the boss) wishes they were, right?

Maybe we can provide some insights for you to make this an easier journey …

Pivot Insight #1:

Everything is down…sales, morale…So many things may be impacting your sales strategy and someone wants answers! What happened? Some people in your organization blame the economy, the competition, pricing, bad team attitudes, technology, leadership, the weather, the dog ate it …. Shall we go on? And the reality is that it’s probably a combination of all of these things (even the dog because someone on your team can justify everything).

Pivot Insight #2:

Customers and clients are complaining about you, your team, their bad experience delivered by you and your team, your owners, the weather, the traffic, even Mercury in retrograde.

And they’re not just complaining about you to you. They’re complaining to the world about a less-than-FANtastic experience. They are quick to get on Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Angie’s List, the BBB, LinkedIn, Twitter, eHarmony (but not FarmersOnly.com…because that would just be weird), you name it. They vent to everyone and have you dancing on hot coals trying to clean up and recover from Hurricane Unhappy Customer.

Chances are though, there’s an ounce (or more) of truth about their experience with your company. Something went wrong in delivery. Combine that with human tendency to lash out because the complainers have other things going wrong in their lives or jobs. Your bad delivery, no matter how small, was just a trigger reaction. Lucky you!

Pivot Insight #3:

Your Team Is Not Engaged, Happy or Productive (including the leaders) even though when you (or someone) hired them they were the best employees ever … until the “honeymoon” was over. Heck, you personally might even fall into one of these “bad employee” categories, right? (Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.) “What happened?” you wonder.

Hmmm, could some of these people be the actual triggers of less-than-FANtastic customer experiences? Or maybe they are the complainers about why sales are down. And how about that person (or people) who just like to gossip and stir things up because they think they are being “helpful” by being the “squeaky wheel”?

And your reality right now is “I ain’t got time for that!” because you’re too busy dealing with Hurricane Unhappy Customer. Your team is your family and it’s your family’s job to get under your skin, right? You’ll just deal with them later … unless they hopefully quit and solve your problem for you until the next employee problem comes along, like the unplanned problem of having to spend money again to recruit and train the complainers’ jobs.

If only they could step up and be problem solvers or solution providers.

If only they could take some initiative or utilize the empowerment you’ve bestowed on them, right?!

You probably just gave up on that dream because you’re just trying to keep things running, even though “running smoothly” is not in your vocabulary anymore.

You might also be wondering “Who hired that guy?” or “How does she continue to keep her job?” or “Why did he leave? I didn’t see that coming. What a shame?” You continue to be mystified by the hiring, firing and quitting process (or lack of).

Pivot Insight #4:

Your culture foundation just doesn’t exist, hasn’t been curated or appear to exist. For many “perception is reality”. When you think about those unhappy customers who stop spending money with you…or those unengaged employees who cost you money…you may think that someone probably dropped the ball (maybe that someone is you). The tools to get your job done seem to be non-existent.

Leaders and managers don’t seem to communicate. Everyone is blaming the people at the top because they claim they weren’t told the things they needed to know like the newest policies, responsibilities and general company information.

The leaders are just too busy for that. They’re so busy and know they have people problems to address so they’ve tasked you (or themselves) to “improve customer service” or “change employee attitudes” or “increase sales” by finding some training solutions. Thus, here you are reading this now. And those leaders might actually be the root of these pesky “people problems” but they’re too busy to see it because they just want everyone to do their jobs. “Is that too much to ask?” they ask themselves (or you)?

And along the way, the mission, vision and the core values of the company have gotten lost, if they were ever communicated in the first place. Maybe you, the team and even the customers don’t understand your company’s “why” (purpose), which makes it difficult to rally around. Who can rally around something they don’t know or understand?!

It’s just one big hamster wheel that goes nowhere, right? You’re so dizzy on the wheel that you’re struggling to see straight so you can get off the wheel to learn how to swiftly pivot with grace. Deep down inside, you know it’s possible to make all of this work but you honestly don’t know where to begin … especially since no one has given you a budget or parameters to work with.

Pivot Insight #5:

You want and need a return on investment (ROI) but have budget constraints. You’re trying to figure out how to justify training for the first time or tenth time. Maybe you’ve invested in training before but “it” didn’t stick. Training was an “event” that happened and was forgotten about when the reality of business set back in. “Spending money to make money” is just not your company mantra even though you know you need to make the investment. This time you want it to be different because you’re committed to change.

Do any of these insights resonate with you?

If yes, keep on reading about YOU.

If no, proceed to happy hour and celebrate perfection! #Winning

More About YOU:

If our insights hit home, we can help you, especially if you need and desire:

  • A culture with a clear mission, vision, core values and story that attracts the right team and customers/clients
  • Strong and empowering leaders and managers
  • An engaged, productive and happy team
  • A sales story and strategy that drives revenue
  • FANtastic Customer Experiences™ that increase repeat and referral sales

We can especially help you if your industry is one of the following (our sweet spots of experience):

  • Financial Institutions
  • Medical Facilities & Insurance
  • Merged & Acquired organizations
  • Hotels & Accommodations
  • Attractions, Entertainment, Restaurants, Travel & Leisure
  • Any industry that wants to create better experiences and more revenue

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