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Episode 3: The Pivotal Leader – Debbie McArthur

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Debbie McArthur, CEO, Integra Fabrics went from being a school teacher and principal to running a manufacturing plant in Loris, SC. Her energy and spunk plus catapulted her to learning business skills on the fly – a true pivotal leader.

Topics Include:

  • Becoming a female CEO in manufacturing
  • Applying the experience of being a school teacher and principal in business
  • Building a happy, autonomous and empowered talent without micromanaging
  • Why committees are better than suggestion boxes for employee engagement
  • The rewards and risks of buying out a partner to take 100% control of a business
  • One of the most important characteristics needed to being an effective leader

Debbie leads a dynamic, high energy team devoted to using their resources, creativity and 28 years of experience in the hospitality market to bring their clients’ design visions to life through fabrics! They excel in finding solutions to issues, delivering on time, and working collaboratively to create unique touches and the best guest experiences in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and spaces all over the world within project parameters.

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