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The Pivotal Leader Is On Hiatus During New Show Launch – Returning In April!!!


The Pivotal Leader Returns In April 2019

We didn’t mean to abandon you! We swear! To continue to stay relevant to our work in the sales training space, our fearless leader Gina Trimarco launched a new show with a co-host and contributing partner. Launching a new show is quite the undertaking. New guest interviews for The Pivotal Leader will begin again in April.

Check out the press release below about the new show – “Women Your Mother Warned You About” – the podcast that makes sales sexy again!

Take a listen to this show that focuses on sales and revenue generation on StitcheriTunes, or Overcast.  


(Myrtle Beach, SC – January 10, 2019) – Women Your Mother Warned You About™, the podcast that makes sales sexy again, debuts today on StitcheriTunes, and Overcast and as part of the Sell Or Die Podcast Network. Co-hosted by Gina Trimarco and Rachel Tipton, the weekly show blends best business and sales practices, real-life hacks, humor, practical advice, and some serious moments.

 “Our podcast focuses on breaking down barriers in business and life, making money while making others happy, and laughing as much as possible. We’re keeping it real, raw, relevant, and irreverent and sharing actionable tips,” says Trimarco.

This is a show for women and men, while embracing all things female – from how to show value in a sales conversation while wearing the best shade of lipstick to body image issues, health crises, and mom challenges. To round out the show, occasional guests join in and noted business-growth advisor Keith Walters brings in the male point of view on some episodes, when he can get a word in. Initial episodes address “Overcoming Overwhelm” and “Delegate or Die.”

Tipton notes, “Our listeners will feel as if they’ve dropped into a conversation with us. You’ll experience vulnerability, trust, resilience, and optimism. We’ll also dish out uplifting, tough love to put on your big girl panties – or boy briefs – and get moving.”

The co-hosts are successful sales pros, performers, and entrepreneurs with boundless energy and spunk – likened to mosquitos on Red Bull by some. They joined forces as clients, became instant friends, and developed the podcast to help others grow.

“Gina and Rachel have added the dimension of creativity to the selling process in a way that no one has. Their style is professional fun, their concept is on the money, and their information is compelling. Your mother may have warned you, but I am challenging you to take their podcast to the bank,” notes Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of Selling and The Sales Manifesto.

By day Trimarco is CEO & Founder of Pivot10 Results, a training and strategy firm, and Carolina Improv Company, a comedy club and school. With more than 25 years of experience, Gina combines street smarts and improv comedy in the business world. A Chicago city girl, she started her sales career at age 10, working in flea markets.

Tipton is a Mom, Realtor, Author, and Creator of The Closing Curve, a real estate software focused on enhancing the buyer experience. With a background in show business, dance, and the fitness industry, her motto is: Entertain. Inform. Inspire.

 About Women Your Mother Warned You About

A weekly podcast co-hosted by Gina Trimarco and Rachel Tipton, Women Your Mother Warned You Aboutmakes sales sexy again. The show blends best business and sales practices, real-life hacks, humor, practical advice, irreverence “done well” and serious moments. Their goal is breaking down barriers in business and life, making money while making others happy and laughing as much as possible. Subscribe on StitcheriTunes, or Overcast. Stalk on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.



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