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Has your sales team lost that “loving feeling”? Okay, it doesn’t have to be “love” in business, but they do need to build relationships and most relationships (and sales) are based in emotions. And if your customers don’t love your sales people, they won’t love your company. We probably don’t have to tell you that if your customers don’t love you, they won’t patronize you.

In today’s climate, regardless of generational differences, most of us are too attached to our technology devices. This hinders your ability to use interpersonal skills and create “know, like and trust” with customers and prospects. Emails, text messages and social media do not create trust as quickly as an actual conversation.

Are you losing business (or not capturing it) because your sales team doesn’t know how to truly connect, or worse, doesn’t want to?

We all know “people buy you” before they even consider buying from the company. Our Spontaneous Selling Series© provides creative and engaging ways to get your people get off the script (or playbook) to be agile, fun and personable in the moment and increase their “personal buy-ability” factor.

Are you losing business because your people keep relying on a “playbook” process or “tool” in the selling approach? Hint: It’s a buyer’s market and no one wants to be “processed” by a “tool”!


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Spontaneous Selling© Certification

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Spontaneous Service 

Spontaneous Service: Creating FANtastic Customer Experiences©

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Get off the sales script 

Get Off The Script: Improvising To Improve Sales©

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