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We hear it over and over again – “Our culture is fine. Our team is happy.” Ironically, we hear this from the inbound inquires we get for “team building”. What we’ve learned is that many organizational managers organize team building events because they don’t know how to articulate a bigger problem in the culture.

When we’ve dug deeper with clients, we’ve learned that “employees complain about communications” or “we don’t know how to get along with other generations”.

Similar to selling to get and keep customers, you need to sell to get and keep employees. It comes down to interpersonal relationships based on “know, like and trust” AND emotional intelligence. Studies show that managers with high EQs inspire greater employee productivity and higher retention because of their ability to communicate, connect and manage emotions.

How emotionally intelligent are your managers and leaders?

Are they hurting you or helping you?

Good news! Our IMPROV(e) Your Business Training Series includes training in the areas of emotional intelligence, employee engagement, problem solving, critical thinking …. And, yes, TEAM BUILDING!


IMPROVise Your Business Virtual Series

In today’s new WFH (work from home) virtual world, knowing how to engage and BE engaging as an employee, employer...
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Book Of Play

Book Of Play   Having a sales playbook is no good without a “Book Of Play”. Practice these improv-based exercises and...
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Medical Improv: Improving The Patient Experience

Medical Improv: Improving The Patient Experience Health care professionals must not only provide robust clinical training in their given specialty,...
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Problem Solved© – The Game

Problem Solved© – The Game Welcome to the game that will get your team thinking outside of the card box...
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solve This 

Solve This: Improv For Solving Problems & Resolving Conflict©

Resolving conflict is not sexy, it’s not fun and it’s necessary to keep your team happy, productive and profitable. It...
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Mastering The F Word: Improv For Emotional Intelligence©

If you’re not careful, you’ll catch emotions and FEELINGS – they’re contagious! To grow a healthy, productive and profitable organization,...
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Catch and Keep 

Catch & Keep Them: Improv For Recruiting & Retention©

Struggling to attract and KEEP great talent? It’s not that hard if you are awesome at listening, observing, empathizing, storytelling...
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Happiness Hour 

Happiness Hour (Team Building)©

Your team hates forced team building events!!! We all know they’d rather be at happy hour (we’ve been told this...
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