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Our Approach

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We start by assessing our clients’ challenges and opportunities. This usually begins at the management and leadership levels and trickles down as follows:

  • Leaders and managers need the tools to create a culture of effective communication and empowerment that leaks to through the entire organization to deliver a FANtastic Customer Experience™
  • Delighted customers are the foundation of immediate and future revenue and sales
  • Customer service begins before and after the sale
  • An engaged team delivers exceptional service that generates repeat sales.

For all of this to work like a machine together, well, basically it all needs to work together like a well-maintained machine. You’ve heard of “silo businesses”, right? Well, attacking only one area to explore and improve is what we call “silo training”. It only makes your silo problems bigger. No one wants to be in a silo … and if they do they are probably not the best choice for your team.
P10’s approach is to master all of these areas simultaneously, shifting swiftly (on a dime, thus the “10” in our name) from one area to the next. Your team needs to be agile!

We make this about YOU

We know that employees and stakeholders hate when a trainer or outside “consultant” doesn’t “get it” – they don’t know your world, speak your language or understand your challenges. Well, we make the time to “get it” and learn everything about your industry, and most importantly, how it relates to your business. Your world becomes our world. We can’t even begin to be effective without investing our time in you.

We’ve also learned that your employees won’t buy in if you’re not fully engaged in the process. Leaders lose credibility when they don’t join the team in addressing the people problems at hand, especially when the team perceives the leader as the problem; we hear this ALL THE TIME.

Our training and coaching curricula is 100 % customized to your industry based on the following core competencies:
Pivot model

  • Culture Curation
  • Sales Story & Strategy
  • Team & Leadership Engagement
  • FANtastic Customer Experience™

The outcome?
Team productivity, loyal customers, increased revenue and effective branding.

Is this something you want?
We’re guessing your answer is “Yes!”
If you said no, Congratulations! Please proceed to happy hour and celebrate your success! #Winning!

How We Do What We Do For You …

We’ve been doing this for years. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work and we take a comprehensive approach to training. For example, we are often asked to improve customer service or sales skills, but what we learn is that without a strong company culture and leadership team to make the training stick, our solutions become destined to fail for you and us. We want the investment to be worth it.

Our strategy includes:

  • Exploratory meetings to assess your needs and gain a full scope of understanding of your challenges
  • Research to learn your industry to create the best program and earn employee buy-in
  • Optional Secret Shopping to find out what’s REALLY going on in your business from the customer/client experience
  • Training design and development based on what you need, what you want and what we learn from our own research and experience
  • Blended training facilitation that includes:

-Trainer-led Experiential & Group Learning
-Workbooks and worksheets
-Online and Virtual training
-Train-The-Trainer Programs
-Executive, leadership and sales coaching

  • ROI Analysis: Pre and post-training evaluations from employees and customers to measure and analyze effectiveness and return on investment of our training and your commitment
  • Sustainability plans and resources to continue the learning and retention process, including optional train-the-trainer programs