Our Story


Our founder Gina Trimarco is crazy about the importance of story. Story helps people connect. Story is the missing link in business – it’s a two way process that engages and benefits the teller and the listener. While data and facts are important to persuade people and close deals, the human brain is wired for storytelling and giving meaning to the things it hears.

We help our clients give meaning to their company stories to attract the right people – customers and employees. One of our popular strategies is called “Story Spine”, in which we show our clients how to simply create their own stories and marketing messages. Read on about our story below, told in the style of a story spine. This is probably our favorite thing to do with clients.

If you don’t have an engaging story, you won’t have a memorable legacy.

So, here’s OUR brief story …

Once upon a time our founder Gina Trimarco worked in Corporate America and learned all of the aspects of running a business – marketing, sales, public relations, hiring, training, union relations, budgeting, forecasting and everything else one must know to lead a successful organization.

Then one day the economy crashed and she lost her job, as did many others in 2008, so she started Carolina Improv Company (CIC) to develop people personally and professionally through the soft skills of improvisation. Having studied improv at Second City in Chicago, Gina understood the value of using improvisation skills to conquer a variety of business challenges, from active listening and trust building to creativity and agility. She even hired a company like CIC to provide customer service training programs for employees at her former companies.

And because of that CIC quickly grew into a multi-vertical company offering corporate training, strategic consulting, personal development, business coaching and entertainment. Winning the 2009 Business Innovation Award for Myrtle Beach, SC plus ranking #1 on Nightlife Attractions on TripAdvisor every year since 2010 were just a few highlights of CIC’s success in the early years. But with success comes additional challenges. The use of the word “improv” became a barrier. Many prospective clients struggled to understand that we weren’t trying to teach people to be funny. And since that became the “first impression”, it was difficult for us to show our true value, business expertise and experience. Improv was merely ONE strategic tool in our tool box.

So finally Pivot10 Results was born to apply our strengths and ability to help other companies find their voices, create healthy company cultures, sell their value, attract ideal customers and employees, exceed expectations and turn a profit. To “pivot” is to be able to quickly change directions in business instead of maintaining status quo. Not so coincidentally, if you can improvise, you can pivot! The “10” in our name, you wonder? To “change on a dime”, of course!

And ever since then our team of experts have been helping businesses shift from people problems to performance results through strategic planning and experiential training that sticks.

And the moral of our story is “Always hear what your customers want and pivot accordingly to meet their needs.”

Our Expertise

Our expertise is in creating amazing experiences with internal and external customers. Where does this experience come from? A few places – thanks for wondering …

Our Clients:

Most of our training and strategic planning projects have been for the hotel, restaurant, medical, non-profit, conference/convention and association industries. Yes, we are diverse! We have provided customer service, sales and/or leadership training to many awesome clients, including:

  • World Hotels (Worldwide Cooperative)
  • Dana Hotel & Spa (Chicago)
  • Acme Hotel (Chicago)
  • Hawthorne Terrace Hotel (Chicago)
  • Springmaid Resort (Myrtle Beach)
  • Bluegreen Resorts
  • Wyndham Vacation Ownership
  • Brittain Resorts & Hotels
  • Community Associations Institute
  • Sonic Drive-In
  • Fresenius Medical Care
  • Grand Strand Hospital
  • Health Care Partners of South Carolina
  • Indigo Physical Therapists
  • Various housing authorities in North & South Carolina