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Episode 75: Accountability & Your Sales Team with Hamish Knox

“Prospects have their walls up. We need to bring those walls down before we can have the human to human conversation.

– Hamish Knox

On this episode of The Pivotal Leader Gina Trimaco interviewed Hamish Knox, who plays an important role in Sandler’s worldwide organization and is a recognized business development expert specializing in executive sales consulting and sales productivity training. A dynamic, enthusiastic speakerv certified in the proprietary selling system developed by David Sandler, Knox informs, entertains, and motivates leadership and rank-and-file sales teams to achieve their full potential. He heads a Sandler training center in Calgary.

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Podcast Topics Include:

  • How to overcome the word “decision” in the selling process
  • How to go right to the top of the selection making chain
  • Sales and cold calls advice from Hamish: Why it’s so important to stay present and to always remember that it’s never about you
  • Hamish’s point of view on accountability, especially as it relates to your sales team
  • Strategies for implementing an effective and sustainable accountability program
  • On accountability:“The leader has to go first.”
  • How to create a leadership mentality in 20 minutes
  • Why Hamish is known as the ‘behavior guy’
  • The sales role: “need to have” versus “nice to have” behaviors
  • How to change behaviors and why “mom always wins”
  • Tips for leaders to understand the feelings, personal goals and motivation of their team members
  • Hamish explains Sandler’s “cookbook” philosophy
  • Hamish’s perspective on our rising workforce and their interpersonal skills

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