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Catch & Keep Them: Improv For Recruiting & Retention©

Struggling to attract and KEEP great talent? It’s not that hard if you are awesome at listening, observing, empathizing, storytelling and strategizing. Potential and existing employees want to know “what’s in it for me” beyond a pay check to meet their extrinsic AND intrinsic needs. AND If you’re struggling to keep them after you catch them, you may have bigger problems to solve than you realize!

In this interactive session, you’ll learn ways to market your organization’s value to candidates. in addition to strategies for building rapport and trust in interviews and ways to keep employees engaged as loyal fans to the company.

Session Outcomes:

  • Create a marketing message that attracts talent
  • Apply improv skills to improve active listening and empathy to hear needs, wants, fears and dreams
  • Demonstrate ways to improve conversation, observation and motivation skills
  • Prepare for interview questions to not sound scripted
  • Develop a plan for employee engagement

For More Information, email getresults@pivot10results or call 843-597-6393.

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