Get Off The Script: Improvising To Improve Sales©

Get off the sales script

Project Description

Need to improve your sales game? Whether you’re a sales rep, CEO or entrepreneur, generating revenue for your business is what keeps you in business, right? Following a script or formula is not your only tool and sometimes could be an ineffective strategy. Being able to improvise in the moment and go off script is what creates authentic relationships that lead to more business without forcing the sale.

In this interactive session, you’ll learn ways to foster better relationships and meet your sales goals. And for those of you who are introverts, don’t let the thought of improv (comedy) scare you; this way might be better suited for you than you realize.

Session Outcomes:

  • Apply improv skills to improve active listening to hear needs, wants, fears and dreams
  • Use active listening to overcome sales objections
  • Create collaborative relationships based on rapport-building and trust
  • Adapt to uncomfortable situations (awkward silences and objections)
  • Overcome the fear of failure and getting off the “script”


– This session is part of the Spontaneous Selling Training Program.

For More Information, email getresults@pivot10results or call 843-597-6393.

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