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Happiness Hour (Team Building)©

Your team hates forced team building events!!! We all know they’d rather be at happy hour (we’ve been told this often). If you’re looking for a new way to bring your team together for some collaboration and relationship building, we have just what you need, without the liability that comes with a trip to the bar. And this is affordable!

In partnership with our sister company, Carolina Improv Company, we come to your office or event venue (or you can come to our theater) for two hours of improv comedy exercises. Yes, we said “comedy”. Don’t worry, being funny is not required. And for your office “class clowns”, we actually help them simmer down a bit. In this fun and interactive team building session, we teach improv exercises and games, that we use on stage, to your team so that they too can do the following:

  • Be better communicators by listening and reading cues
  • Accept the ideas of others (even if you disagree)
  • Get comfortable with  the uncomfortable in a safe environment (we enforce a “no judgment” rule similar to working out at Planet Fitness)
  • Build confidence
  • Overcome fear of failure or “looking stupid”
  • Disband departmental silos
  • Laugh and lighten up

You’ll work together as a team and no one is “put on the spot”.

Bring in some snacks (because everyone loves food) and we’ll bring in the stress relief of laughter, creativity and collaboration!

P.S. We can do “Happiness Hour” any time of the day or day of the week, based on your operational needs.

Investment: Starting at $750 for up to 25 people and includes one ticket for free admission for each attendee to one of our shows – the free tickets alone equal $500!!! Additional participants (up to 1,000 people) = $30 per person.

For More Information, email getresults@pivot10results or call 843-597-6393.


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