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Mastering The F Word: Improv For Emotional Intelligence©

If you’re not careful, you’ll catch emotions and FEELINGS – they’re contagious! To grow a healthy, productive and profitable organization, leaders need to know how to recognize, manage and control the feelings and emotions of others AND themselves.

Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) expert found the top 10 to 15% of exceptional leaders were those with high EQs, mostly due to their social abilities, including networking and collaboration skills. A Gallup Organization study also revealed that employees who had managers with high EQ were four times less likely to leave their companies than those who had managers with low EQ. We DO have the ability to continuously improve our EQs. Leaders and employees with high EQs create optimistic and motivating environments.

In this interactive session, you’ll learn the basics of emotional intelligence and how improv skills can help your team improve its competencies in EQ key areas. This program teaches people how to improve perception of emotions and how to marry improv and EQ skills to manage emotions and feelings.

Session Outcomes:

  • Recognize why emotional intelligence is important in the workplace
  • Apply improv to emotional intelligence skills
  • Create a plan for improving EQ in yourself and others

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