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Problem Solved© – The Game

Problem Solved© – The Game

Welcome to the game that will get your team thinking outside of the card box to solve problems, critically think, overcome objections and innovate new ideas!

This is an exercise that we facilitate with many of our clients who are struggling with communications, critical thinking and self-initiative.

Each deck comes with 25 objects (good for 25 people). Buy multiple decks for large groups.


Overcoming Sales Objections: instruct participants to write down specific sales objections they struggle with (beyond “time” and “money”).

Customer Service: instruct participants to write down the most challenging customer service complaints are issues they handle.

Team & Leadership: instruct participants to write down co-worker, subordinate or general productivity issues they struggle with.

Keep these cards accessible to help team members learn how to problem solve on their own. When they come to you with a challenge, tell them to “pick a card” to solve the problem with your coaching. Obviously these objects may not really solve a specific problem, but it will get people thinking bigger and more creatively, beyond how they’ve always done something.


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