Sell Like A Child©

Project Description

Most everyone can relate to a child. And who better to buy from than a cute kid? They’re simply the best sales people. It’s difficult to say no to a precocious child who never hears objections, stays the course for what he or she desires and relentlessly negotiates without even realizing it. If you’ve ever been around a child, you’ve experienced this (especially in your wallet) and you’re probably visualizing a specific (and memorable) child as you read this!

Employees born between 1980 and 1996 (give or take a few years on each side)*, will make up 50% of the talent pool by 2020. Most of them weren’t taught the “human side” of selling – the art of real conversations and relationship-building beyond their phone screens. Regardless of generational differences, most humans have lost their childlike abilities to engage audiences and get what they want. The good news is there’s training for this!

In this high energy and interactive workshop, Gina Trimarco from Carolina Improv & Pivot10 Results, will gently push attendees out of their comfort zones to help them create a training plan that drives revenue and builds collaborative cultures.

This training workshop will guide attendees through:

  • Developing communication skills for building stronger business relationships with customers/clients, employees and other stakeholders
  • Overcoming objections and obstacles for CEO Sellers and sales teams
  • Enhancing their “personal buy-ability” traits
  • Implementing improv and role-play techniques that help their teams “Sell Like A Child”

– This session is part of the Spontaneous Selling Training Program.


For More Information, email getresults@pivot10results or call 843-597-6393.

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