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Spontaneous Service: Creating FANtastic Customer Experiences©

Need to improve the customer experience and create loyal fans? At bare minimum, you should WANT to do this? Chances are you haven’t had the time or money to invest in your team to ensure amazing delivery and recovery. Don’t leave this to chance and put your business at a competitive disadvantage. Step up your game by fostering a company culture that anticipates customer needs and ultimately over delivers!

In this interactive session, you’ll learn ways to create and heighten FANtastic Customer Experiences, in addition to recover from missteps in the delivery process.

Session Outcomes:

  • Apply improv skills to hear and understand customer needs and wants
  • Create a list of possible FANtastic Experiences
  • Adapt to uncomfortable and stressful situations (angry and disgruntled customers)
  • Practice thinking quickly to find and create solutions

For More Information, email getresults@pivot10results or call 843-597-6393.

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